Mission: To expand global trade by connecting companies and countries worldwide!

Here's What We Do Better

  1. Finance any industrial contracts, projects, and procurements at zero percent interest.
  2. Acquire/set up/build/upgrade a production facility (machinery, equipment,  an entire manufacturing plant, turn-key factory, etc.) at zero cost.
  3. Acquire sophisticated technology, technical expertise, management, and marketing expertise at zero cost.
  4. Secure any amount of interest-free financing (from $1 million to $200 billion)!
  5. Increase your revenue by 10,000% in 30 days!
  6. Pay off any amount of debt without spending cash.
  7. Facilitate import and export transactions at zero cost.
  8. Set up/build/upgrade infrastructure at zero cost.
  9. Recover non-performing assets, blocked funds, receivables, and outstanding debts.
  10. Dispose of excess inventory, capacity, and slow-moving or surplus products.


Multilateral Trade Exchange provides zero-interest and zero-cost financing that will help cover the cost of your international trade, ongoing day-to-day operations, working capital needs, asset acquisitions, capital expenditures, purchase of inventory, new product development, and business expansion.
No interest. No credit check. No collateral. No loan fees. No cash repayment. Multilateral Trade Exchange arrangements automatically generate the revenue needed to offset your debts.
Multilateral Trade Exchange is the most effective, efficient, easiest, and zero-cost way to develop exports and access international markets regardless of any country’s trade restrictions or your lack of international marketing knowledge, skill, or established marketing networks. Zero-cost export promotion through countertrade works by shifting the responsibility of finding appropriate marketing networks, promoting your products, selling your products to long-term buyers, and generating millions in sales revenue to the exporting partners on the platform. Thus, 100% of your export promotion is done for you via multilateral Trade Exchange.


Trade financing is one of the most significant and complex aspects of importing goods in international business. To be able to import goods or to set up a project using international materials and services, one needs to arrange trade financing.

Suppose your company is in financial difficulty and financing imports is a problem. One way out of the problem is to use multilateral Trade Exchange deals by shifting the cost of importation to the exporter/seller. Thus, the costs of imports are compensated through exports.


You can acquire products and services from other companies without cash through multilateral countertrade.
100% of the work required to initiate, structure, and facilitate multilateral countertrade arrangements to buy products and services without spending cash is done for you.

ZERO Trade Barriers.

The movement of your products, services, and money across international borders may face many international trade/financial barriers and restrictions. With multilateral Trade Exchange, you can have zero trade barriers by linking imports to exports to overcome all international trade/financial barriers and restrictions. Thus, you can elude exchange rate restrictions in the importing or exporting country, disguise actual prices of goods, avoid quota arrangements, legally circumvent tariff and tax regulations, bypass direct investment difficulties, and offset debt repayment obligations.

One of the best ways to acquire assets and production facilities (machinery, equipment,  technology, an entire manufacturing plant, mine, turn-key factory, etc.), or an entire company without any upfront cost is to finance your purchase or acquisitions through a form of countertrade known as BUYBACK.

Buyback is an agreement whereby the seller/supplier of a turnkey production facility, machinery, or equipment agrees to be paid by the resultant products manufactured from the operation of the said facility or equipment. 


Multilateral Trade Exchange can be used for:
  1.  obtaining a long-term reliable, stable, and guaranteed supply of inexpensive raw materials, intermediate goods, and oil and gas into the country from multiple suppliers worldwide at zero cost. 
  2. the conservation and development of sources of such materials within the country to avoid costly and risky dependence on foreign sources for supplies of such materials in times of national emergency. 

Multilateral Trade Exchange guarantees your company’s sales revenue by establishing legally binding sales contracts with corporate buyers to buy a certain amount of your company’s products and services every month for the next five years.

100% of the work required to initiate, structure, and facilitate the 5-year Trade Exchange sales contracts and turn-key generate the profit on your behalf is done for you. No marketing effort, salesforce, advertising expense, or risk is required on your part. You would have 100% control—including controlling the money generated from the 5-year Trade Exchange sales contracts.