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Buy Anything We Without Cash

Buy Anything Without Cash

You can acquire any assets, products, and supplies from other companies without cash through the multilateral countertrade services of WTE.

Suppose you want to acquire or buy some houses, assets, or production facilities (machinery, equipment, technology, an entire manufacturing plant, mine, turn-key factory, etc.) without spending cash. WTE will help you initiate, structure, and facilitate multilateral countertrade arrangements to acquire the assets and production facilities without spending cash on your behalf.

Asset Acquisition Agreement Terms

In exchange for helping you acquire the assets and production facilities without spending cash, WTE will receive 5% of the value of your purchases as a transaction fee and the right to make sales on your behalf to offset your purchases.

You can repay the cost of your purchases and acquisitions through the future sales of your products and services (NOT WITH CASH). In other words, WTE will take your products and/or services as payment rather than paying with cash.

What A Summary Of We Do How It Works

A Summary Of How It Works

STEP 1: Retain the countertrade services of WTE.

STEP 2: WTE will do all the work for you, including:

  1. Initiating, structuring, and facilitating multilateral countertrade arrangements with sellers to acquire needed assets and production facilities on your behalf without spending cash, 
  2. Providing you with the interest-free credit needed to buy all the items on your shopping list without spending money,

Supply Contract Management

  1. Securing supply contracts from sellers and major corporations on your behalf,
  2. Helping you to pay sellers for the products and services purchased for you,
  3. Facilitating all your purchase transactions to ensure the timely delivery of the assets, products, and services purchased on your behalf,
  4. Helping you to generate the sales revenue needed to offset the costs of your purchases and acquisitions,

Business Expense Coverage Solutions

Helping you cover the cost of your ongoing day-to-day operations, working capital needs, real estate and asset acquisitions, capital expenditures, purchase of inventory, purchase of machinery and equipment, new product development, marketing expenses, expansion of production capacity, and expenses up to the amount in your account. So you don’t have to pay your fixed or recurring business costs from your cash reserves. You don’t have to bother yourself about where and how to spend the trade credit in your account. It’s all done for you.

100% of the work is done for you.

What Can You Buy Without Cash?

No Limit To What You Can Buy

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