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How Do You MakeGuaranteed Sales Revenue Monthly?

WTE will bring buyers to start buying $1M to $1B worth of your company’s products and services every month for the next five years. In other words, WTE will help you make $1 million to $1 billion in sales revenue every month for the next five years.
Suppose your monthly income goal is $10 million per month. WTE will get some companies to sign multilateral countertrade contracts to start buying $10 million worth of your products every month for the next five years.

Whether your sales revenue goal is $10M, $100M, $10B, or more per month, it doesn’t matter.

Everything Is Done For You

WTE would be doing 100% of the work involved to turn-key generate the profit for you with no marketing effort, salesforce, advertising expense, or risk on your part. You would have 100% control—including controlling the money generated from our efforts.
Your result is 100% guaranteed because the sales we generate for you will be protected by legally binding 5-year sales and purchase contracts. Most importantly, WTE will do 100% of the countertrade, marketing, and sales facilitation work required to generate the sales revenue on your behalf! Everything is done for you.

What Is The Catch?

In exchange for helping you structure and facilitate the countertrade transactions to generate sales revenue on your behalf, we want a 10% sales commission for every sale we bring you. And the right to make purchases on your behalf from our designated suppliers.


In other words, you will also sign a contract to buy goods and services from our designated suppliers. You’re only required to buy the same products and services currently used in your business operations. However, you must change your suppliers to ours as part of your countertrade obligation.

The Only
Question Is

Suppose we structure and facilitate countertrade transactions where our members start buying an agreed-upon value of your company’s products every month for the next five years. Would you be willing to pay us a 10% commission and start buying your supplies from our designated suppliers?

If your answer to the above question is “YES,” read the next section to understand how we do it and our straightforward process for making it happen.

How It Works

How It Works
Behind The Scenes

Step 1
Join Multilateral Countertrade

To benefit from our sales revenue-generation countertrade services, you must join the multilateral countertrade platform, undergo a due diligence review, and execute an agreement stating you will adhere to all countertrade rules and regulations. You can review the process for joining the multilateral countertrade platform.

Step 2
Monthly Selling Schedule Reliance

Once you sign up for WTE membership, you will give us your monthly selling schedule as part of your account setup process. Your selling schedule is a fixed amount of your products, services, and assets you want WTE to help you sell to our other customers every month. For example, your selling schedule could be $1M to $1B worth of products you want WTE to help you sell to our other customers every month.
Your ‘selling schedule’ will include details such as the products you want to sell, prices, the quality, quantity, the currency in which the items will be traded, physical delivery time, location for the given product, the last trading/expiration date, product delivery month and other relevant details.

Step 3
Contact Buyers

Do For You

WTE’s Trade Directors will use your “Selling Schedule” to contact other member companies within the WTE network that regularly buys your type of products. The Trade Director will get these companies to make a legally binding commitment to purchase $1M to $1B worth of products from your company every month in the form of 5-year purchase contracts. The sales revenue you’d get depends on the WTE membership level you subscribed to and your sales revenue goals. 

Step 4
Contracts Are Sent For Approval

The Trade Director will send you all the 5-year purchase contracts received from the companies that have made commitments to purchase your products for your approval.

Step 5
Sign Sales Contracts

If you approve the 5-year purchase contracts, the Trade Director will give you sales contracts that correspond to the purchase contracts for you to sign. The signed sales contract is your legal commitment to deliver (provide) $1M to $1B worth of your products or services to our buyers (customers) every month for the next five years. 

Step 6
Receive Payments

Once we have the 5-year purchase and sales contracts in place, WTE will authorize the first payment to you (after deducting 10% of the amount as WTE’s transaction fee for facilitating the transaction). For example, if your membership level requires WTE to make $100 million per month in sales revenue for you, you will receive the first $100 million payment for the sales of your products.

Step 7
Fulfill Sales Contracts

Once you receive the first $100M payment in your bank account, you are expected to fulfill the sales contract by delivering your product or service to our buyers (customers).

Every month you will receive payment for your product sales before you fulfill the sales contract accordingly. The arrangements will continue every month for the next five years.

Step 8
Increase Sales Contracts

When your company gets to a point where it has the production capacity to handle more than $100M worth of sales per month, WTE Trade Directors will help you secure more sales contracts from buyers within the WTE network up to the value of your maximum production capacity. This is how WTE generates guaranteed sales revenue for your company.

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