WITHIN 30 days by creating

Creating your own private currency is the key to making 100X your income within 30 days!

You can multiply your income by 100X within 30 days by legally creating your private currency at will, just like the printing presses of our Government!

In other words, you can create $1 million, $10 million, $10 billion, or more out of thin air within 60 seconds with a single click. 

Creating your own private currency with a click is the key to increasing your income by 100X within 30 days! And it is attainable only through the World Trade Exchange platform.

The World Trade Exchange platform is the only platform in the world that helps you multiply your income by 100X within 30 days through the creation of your private currency with a click within 60 seconds.

You Can 100X Your Income Within 30 days and Put Bundles of Windfall Cash into Your Bank Account …Whenever You Want!

When you own the WTE platform, you can increase your income by 100X or more within 30 days and put bundles of windfall cash into your bank account whenever you want!

Private currency offers you the profit — and money-making “vehicle” — that can finally take you to stratospheric income heights (ironically, you’ll do it during bad times). Billions of dollars in profit have been made over the bad years by people (much like you) who learned to harness the power of a private currency. Now it’s time for YOU to get your fair share, too.

And – this is one of the most provocative aspects of private currency – whenever you want to, you can put bundles of cash in your company bank account (or own pocketbook) so quickly, it’ll almost scare you.

You can do it for your own business. You can do it for your employer. You can do it for other businesses. You can do it for yourself and your family. You can do all four, your choice.

why issue a private currency?
40 benefits of issuing 
your private currency!

WITH wte platform, You can use your private currency to DO THE FOLLOWING:

  1. Create any amount of “money” or “currency” out of thin air, legally, in 60 seconds or less!
  2. Multiply income by 100X within 30 days with a single click!
  3. Secure any amount of interest-free financing (from $1,000,000 to $100 billion)!
  4. Write unlimited credit line and purchasing power (debt-free)
  5. Obtain loans and mortgages at 0% interest and flexible terms.
  6. Put bundles of windfall cash into any bank account at any time!
  7. Raise any amount of capital in 60 seconds to finance investments!
  8. Create, securely store, send and transact real-world financial assets.
  9. Issue payment instruments like Visa and MasterCard cards.
  10. Provide interest-free credit and financial services to companies at zero cost!
  11. Convert trade credit to cash. Convert cash to trade credit.
  12. Move money and assets around the world with ease and maximum privacy.
  13. Make real-time, cost-effective, and cross-border payments.
  14. Facilitate international trade and payments between different companies.
  15. Facilitate trade credit transactions between different member companies.
  16. Operate an international payment platform for member businesses.
  17. Perform financial operations that are usually reserved for banks.
  18. Move value between parties under predetermined conditions. These payments can be auto-enabled and controlled, based on supply chain workflows and pre-programmed triggers.
  19. Enable a next-generation rewards platform for issuing loyalty rewards as a digital currency.
  20. Enable customers to be able to buy, sell, trade points, be notified of new deals, or exchange rewards for cash or goods at participating retailers.

WITH wte platform, You can use your private currency to DO THE FOLLOWING:

21. Purchase properties, assets, products, and services without cash.
22. Invest in new businesses and projects without the need for cash.
23. Acquire and operate any manufacturing firm’s operation without cash!
24. Advertise in various media without spending cash.
25. Pay off any amount of debts they owe without cash.
26. Get a discount of up to 90% on virtually every product or service they buy!
27. Reduce expenses by 90% without reducing expenditure items.
28. Recoup all the debt owed to their organization!
29. Repatriate blocked funds within 24 hours at zero cost!
30. Eliminate payment risks with real-time payment.
31. Recover non-performing assets at full book value within 24 hours!
32. Turnaround a failing company within 24 hours!
33. Legally reduce the tax liability of any company!
34. Extend their marketing or retail reach without the cash outlay.
35. Increase their company revenue and profits by 10,000%!
36. Sell all their products, services, businesses, and properties within 24 hours.
37. Dispose of 12 months projected inventory, excess capacity, slow-moving or surplus products within 24 hours.
38. Achieve a 12-month sales forecast within 24 hours.
39. Convert receivables into full cash value within 24 hours!
40. Recoup bad loans and convert distressed assets into immediate cash or liquid assets within 24 hours.
From This Day Forward, You Have
All the Purchasing Power You’ll Ever Need!

You Can Create Unlimited Purchasing Power at Will!

When you own a WTE currency platform, you can create unlimited purchasing power, borrowing power, and 24-karat solid-gold business credit — at will. Whenever you need it. As much as you need it. As often as you need it. You can, quite literally, write your own credit line (or checks) to unlimited and dizzying levels.

Private currency provides ALL the purchasing power you will ever need!

Whenever you want (or need) to buy ANY asset, product, or service for your business, for someone else’s business, for your employer’s business, or your own or someone else’s personal needs — you can use the WTE platform to produce a “private currency” that is redeemable by the recipient for future purchases of your (or any other company’s or people’s) goods or services at full “market value” list price to buy whatever you want to buy.

From This Day Forward, You Have All the Purchasing Power You’ll Ever Need!

Buy Without Money, Spend Without Cash Never Borrow or Pay Interest Again!

Once you start creating and using the private currency to transact your business or personal financial dealings, you no longer need to be dependent on cash borrowing —ever again. You no longer need to wait for your bank account to be full to purchase ANY assets, products, or services you or your business needs – or wants if you use the private currency.

You no longer even need to have a dime in your bank account to ethically acquire a virtually limitless amount of goods or services.

You will no longer need to incur onerous credit approvals, interest expenses, processing fees, etc. – since all your private currency purchases are automatically “approved” (never denied) and totally interest-free.

No one will ever ask to see your financial statement or make you pledge assets or personally guarantee any private currency transaction you engage in. So, your downside risk is low — or nil!

No one will question you about your credit or your ability to pay. You’ll never have a ceiling put on your purchasing levels, either. So, you are only limited by your aggressiveness, creativity, energy, and ambition to achieve or prosper. The sky is REALLY the limit!

creating a private currency is the key to
raising unlimited capital within 24 hours!

you can raise billions of dollars and pay off debts using private currency via the wte platform!

  1. Our client, a global automotive supplier, used this platform to raise $241 million and paid off a $241 million debt.
  2. A multinational energy corporation used this platform to raise $2.4 billion and paid off a $2.4 billion debt.
  3. An oilfield services company used this platform to raise $3.15 billion and paid off a $3.15 billion debt.
  4. A biopharmaceutical company used this platform to raise $1.8 billion and paid off a $1.8 billion debt.
  5. A leading manufacturer of shelving units and systems used this platform to raise $485 million.
  6. A petroleum and natural gas exploration and production company used this platform to raise $98 million.
  7. An industrial products manufacturer used this platform to raise $23 million and paid off a $23 million debt.
  8. A steel manufacturing company used this platform to raise $14.8 million and paid off a $14.8 million debt.
  9. A cash-strapped manufacturing company used this platform to receive a $2.2 billion cash infusion to stabilize its operations.
  10. An oil company used this platform to raise capital to acquire a modular oil refinery for crude oil with a 20,000-BPD production capacity.
  11. Brian, a former supermarket employee earning minimum wage, created $12 million in personal currency and made $600,000 in net profit within 72 hours by using this platform.

You Can Finance Rapid Growth and Increase Your Wealth With Your Private Currency Instead of Cash!

Carnival Cruise Lines, a Florida-based cruise line that is now the largest cruise line in the world, started with one ship and insufficient operating capital. The line created a private currency, which was used to trade empty cabins for radio, television, and newspaper advertising in 100 cities over a ten-year period. The cost of an empty cabin once the ship sails is minimal. Plus, the passengers may spend considerable cash in the bar, casino, gift shop, and shore excursions; thus, the net cost to the cruise line to fill an empty cabin was literally less than zero. Stated differently, they made a massive profit off the traded cabin being occupied instead of going out empty.
Here is the payoff to the cruise line. They used this technique to become the largest cruise line in the world and continuously advertised in 100 cities for more than ten years without spending a penny of hard cash. A conservative estimate of the amount of sales generated was $100,000,000. The owner of the cruise line is now a billionaire and, on the Forbes richest list. And it all started with one 30-year-old ship and heavy advertising using the private currency.
  1. A construction company paid off $7.2 billion in debt to banks within 30 days using a private currency via the WTE platform.
  2. A petroleum company acquired new facilities worth $3.5 billion within 30 days using a private currency via the WTE platform.
  3. A private jet charter company acquired 23 private jets worth $575 million using a private currency via the WTE platform.
  4. An industrial product manufacturer acquired new machinery, equipment, and turnkey production facility worth $578 million using a private currency via the WTE platform.
  5. A manufacturing company acquired a methanol plant worth $235 million using a private currency via the WTE platform.
  6. An oil company recently acquired a modular oil refinery for crude oil with a 20,000 BPD production capacity using a private currency via the WTE platform.
  7. Giovanni acquired a 123-year-old $250 million turnover company with 768 employees using a private currency via the WTE platform.
  8. A steel manufacturing company got its plant capacity upgraded with an investment of $75 million to increase its production capacity using a private currency via the WTE platform.

Here are some of the incredible things we were able to help some of our clients accomplish using private currency via the WTE platform :

  1. One client got over a billion dollars in real estate that cost them — absolutely nothing!
  2. Another client got $850M worth of office building, company cars, printing, building supplies, landscaping, office furniture, and high-end computer equipment, hotel room nights, and airline flights.
  3. Another received television ads, print ads, outdoor ads, internet advertising, professional services, consulting, public relations, and investor relations activities, convention facilities, cruises, timeshares, vacation properties, and storage facilities.
  4. One of our clients averaged an extra $750,000,000-a-quarter profit off their internal private currency profit center.

I could tell you a lot more and have your eyes jump out…but it would fill 1000 pages … and I’m sure you get the idea.

billionaires and fortune 500 companies
create & use private currencies to
raise capital and boost revenue!


In 1987 The Walt Disney Company created their private currency called ‘Disney Dollars,’ which they used to generate billions of dollars in revenue, make purchases, pay off debts and reduce their cash expenses for 29 years until they discontinued new currency creation in 2016. However, the Disney dollars already created are still being used at Disney World, Disneyland, and Disney Stores.

The world over, billionaires, Fortune 500 companies, banks, telephone companies, Las Vegas casinos, and The Walt Disney Company are all raising business capital and generating billions of dollars in revenue by creating money out of thin air using private currencies. They create currencies to raise capital and gain lucrative billion-dollar opportunities that most entrepreneurs like you will never have available until now.
For many years, Amazon has been using a private currency in the form of gift cards to generate billions of dollars in extra revenue, make purchases, and reduce their cash expenses. 
In 2020, Amazon started creating a virtual currency for its customers’ private online shopping. Amazon’s virtual currency will let customers “convert their cash into digital currency.” Amazon could make the announcement about its new virtual currency for users very soon.
If you’ve ever collected, received, or given Amazon gift cards to anyone, you’ve used Amazon’s private currency. The only difference is that it probably never occurred to you that you could also issue your own private currency.

In 2011, Facebook launched a private currency called ‘Credits’ to increase the sales revenue from games played within Facebook. Facebook ‘credits’ were used to buy goods in online games through Facebook. Facebook credits were available for purchase online using a credit card, PayPal account, mobile phone, or various other payment methods and offline at multiple retailer locations. Credits were active from around 2011 to 2013 before being sunsetted. Facebook made billions of dollars in extra sales revenue from the ‘Credits’ currency.

In 2019, Facebook announced a more ambitious platform-specific digital currency called Libra (renamed ‘Diem’), set to roll out in 2021.

Visa has filed a patent application to create its digital currency.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published a report in 2020 that payment giant Visa has filed a patent application to create digital currency on a centralized computer using blockchain technology.

Visa CEO Alfred Kelly said he views digital currencies as a potential emerging payments technology at the J.P Morgan TMC Virtual Conference. “Digital currencies are real – a potential emerging payments technology that we support. We actually think that digital currencies could be additive to the payments ecosystem as opposed to being any kind of replacement or negative,” said Kelly.

Mastercard launched a digital currency kit for central banks in 2020.
In 2020 Mastercard unveiled a tool designed to simulate how digital currencies would work in the real world. The payments giant called the project the Central Bank Digital Currencies Testing Platform. Mastercard’s platform—or “sandbox” in tech parlance—will let central banks issue digital currencies in a controlled environment and test how those currencies plug into existing bank and payment networks, and to see if they are practical for consumers to buy goods and services.

Citibank Is Working On Its Own Digital Currency &

Citigroup IS Helping World Governments Build Digital Currencies

Citigroup Chief Executive Michael Corbat said his bank is now working on its digital currency and helping governments “around the world” in creating sovereign digital currencies, otherwise known as central bank digital currencies, or CBDC.

Speaking to David Rubenstein at a Friday Bloomberg event, Corbat made clear CBDCs are an “inevitable” development in the future of money. Citigroup, the multinational banking giant, is helping bring that future about. “We’ve been working with governments around the world in terms of the creation and commercialization” of sovereign digital currencies, he said.


We have helped well-known corporations to employ private currency as their major business “edge/hedge” over the competition. One is a hotel chain. Another is an airline. One is a television network. Another is a car company. Another is an oil company. Another is a steel manufacturing company. Another is a global logistics company. Another is a shipping company. One is an electronics conglomerate and thousands of other corporations worldwide. We are in a position to know the level of monster-sized profit that private currency has added to THEIR bottom lines, and it’s in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

Creating a Private Currency is the Only Way

for the Little Guy to Level the Playing Field

… and It’s 100% Legal!

  1. Jennifer went from a boring corporate job to $13M in income per month.
  2. Meet Jessica: A wife and mother of 5 earned $7.5 million in commissions in one month!
  3. Baldwin has $950 Million in deals and $950,000 in commission made on one deal just after eight days since his business was set up.
  4. Boris has recently worked on a $600 million funding deal, that in return, has helped him bring in $12 million in income.
  5. Randy now makes an average of $17 million per month.
  6. Damian made $9.5M within six weeks of starting his business.
  7. Katherine now makes $17M per month in her Credit business.
  8. Robert now makes $12.4 million per month in his Credit business.
  9. Jeffrey now makes $8.5 million per month via his Credit business.
  10. Jackson made close to $50,000,000 and has only been doing this for seven months.
  11. Brian started this business without any previous experience in the finance industry. Now, he makes over $1 Million a week in commissions.
  12. In less than a month, Johnson has $100 million in deals and earned $2.5 million in commissions.
  • 13. Peter and Janet earned $20 million via 50 deals and $2 billion of transactions already closed!
  • 14. Theodore Powell has $750 Million in deals and $750,000 in commission made eight days after his business was set up.
  • 15. Luis Allen has $100 Million in deals and earned $3.5 Million in commissions in less than a month.
  • 16. Merlyn Moore made over $70.5 million within a couple of months from this business opportunity.
  • 17. Nigel Smith has a $600 million financing deal, which has helped him get $12 million in compensation.
  • 18. Ian Ross delivered $15M in only a solitary month of starting this business.
  • 19. Ryleigh Morgan went from an exhausting corporate activity to $12.5M every month.
  • 20. Arlie Lopez now makes $17M consistently in her Credit business.
  • 21. Ariel Parker, as of now, makes $12.4 million consistently in his Credit business.
  • 22. Sean Anderson created $2,575,000 within 24 hours of starting his business.
  • 23. Danica Walker now makes $8.5 million consistently by methods for his Credit business.
  • 24. Heinrich Lee produced $15M in just a single month of beginning this business.
platforms or Offers IN THE PAST
why everything you’ve tried failed!

If you’ve lost money, failed to achieve your goal, gotten disappointing results with other opportunities, platforms, marketplaces, systems, solutions, strategies, or plans in the past….

…it is NOT your fault!

That is because all other opportunities, platforms, marketplaces, systems, solutions, strategies, and plans on earth that I am aware of are based on the government’s or other people’s currencies!

You cannot guarantee the money-making process or results of the currency you do not own.

Ask yourself…

Of all the other systems you’ve tried before…

How many of their creators create and use their own currency? How many of them allowed you to create and operate with your own private currency?  NONE!

Since you did not own or control the currencies used in any of the other opportunities, platforms, marketplaces, systems, solutions, strategies, or plans that you’ve tried in the past, you could not guarantee the outcome. Hence, you got disappointing results.

The breakthrough WTE platform that you’re about to see is totally different…

It’s a brand-new way of making money.

It’s all about creating your own currency, controlling the money-making process, and guaranteeing your income results in all your transactions.

And having the chance to make 100X income within 30 days!

Bankers and the government pray you don’t learn how to legally create your private currency!
Bankers pray you do not know that you can legally create your own private currency because the ability for individuals to create their private currency is a banker’s worst nightmare come true.
The Treasury Department probably hopes you will not discover how to create your own “currency” and purchasing power at will just like it does and legally beat them at their own game.
Fortune 500 companies have a vested interest in keeping their use of private currencies a secret. They are making too much money and gaining an unfair competitive advantage using private currencies.
Creating and using a private currency is the only way for the little guy to level the playing field… and it’s 100% legal! It’s 100 percent legal and oftentimes tax-deductible, as long as the resulting use is for a business-related purpose and you document the transaction properly. (Consult your accountant for more specifics.)

And That’s Where the Wte platform Comes In…

what is the wte platform?

The wte platform is the only platform in the world that helps you multiply your income by 100X within 30 days through the creation of your private currency!

It is a multi-purpose platform that has the capability to help you create any amount of money in 60 seconds with the click of a button. You can use the WTE platform to create $10M, $100M, $1B, $100B, or more within 60 seconds with the click of a button. 
It is used by Banks, Financial Institutions, E-money Issuers, Innovative Currency Systems, E-wallets, Online Payment Systems, Virtual Currency Providers, Corporate Traders, Barter Trade Exchanges, Commodity Exchanges, Countertrade Organizations, B2B Marketplace Businesses, and Government Institutions.
no technical skills required

Creating a private currency via the WTE platform is as easy as clicking or touching a computer/phone screen to send an email. If you can click a computer mouse or touch a phone screen to send an email, then you can create any amount of currency within 60 seconds. Creating private money is a “point-and-click” process — nothing complicated at all. Watch the video demonstration below to see how it’s done – $10M was created within 60 seconds.

how it works

what you will get
when you invest
 in the wte platform 


$1 TRILLION WTE PLATFORM for creating currency

The WTE platform will enable you to create, issue, and manage any amount of private currency with the click of a button. Whether the amount is $1M, $100M, $1B, $10B, or more, it doesn’t matter. 

The WTE platform is the technological backbone and “back-office administrative” platform needed to operate your private currency.

100% AUTOMATED: Your entire platform is automated. Our business team operates the aspects of your platform that are not automated. You only need to point and click or point and touch. Everything you need to start creating your private currency is inbuilt. Once your WTE platform is set up, you can get started with a few clicks of the mouse or a touch on your mobile device’s screen.

Multiple Currencies: 

The WTE platform can be configured to work with any currency in the world. We always keep the currency rate updated with the latest exchange rate to ensure that transactions between multiple currencies always use the latest rate. Selecting currency for the WTE platform is just a one-click process.

Multilingual: The WTE platform can be translated to any language. This provides excellent flexibility in using your terminology for the platform, even if you use English as the default language.


After creating your private currency (money), the next step is to spend it or convert it to cash. This is where your private currency marketplace comes in. 
The private currency marketplace is a membership organization where members have agreed to buy and sell various assets, products, and services among themselves without cash but using your privately created currency as a medium of Exchange. 
WTE will provide you with a private currency marketplace and integrate it with your WTE platform. 
Through your private currency marketplace, you can purchase almost anything you want without paying cash by using your private currency. Alternatively, you can convert your private currency to cash through the currency exchange on your private currency marketplace.
Your private currency marketplace is similar to your favorite e-commerce sites like Amazon or eBay. It features user registration, inventory management, comprehensive search, ratings, featured offers, discounts, purchase orders, sales orders, invoices, transaction history, payment processing, and many other features that make it a one-stop solution for your private currency marketplace.

WORLD-CLASS private currency WEBSITE

We will provide you with a world-class business website that will be branded with your company details and accessible through your domain name. The website will enable you to promote your services as a provider of interest-free credit and financial services to other people and businesses.
WTE will assign a professional management team made up of eighteen (18) staff to do 100% of the work on your WTE platform. This team will manage your entire private currency operation and support your platform 24/7/365.
Your professional management team will do 100% of the work required to set up, launch and operate the WTE platform on your behalf.


You will have access to your admin dashboard, which features data analytics of the business. You can log into the admin dashboard at any time to review the details of every aspect of your business. You can view your business performance in real-time 24/7. The back-office engine gives you a real-time view into every level of your business and team’s performance, from summary to detail, through comprehensive financial and operational role-based dashboards and reports of your entire business in real-time.

corporate Identity Package

We will provide you with a corporate identity package for your private currency platform. This corporate identity package will allow you to convey your professional presence in front of your clients. Included are business cards, letterhead, and envelopes with your business information on them. We will supply you with a package that will establish your presence immediately with anyone you encounter.


You will receive a training program covering every aspect of starting and operating a highly successful private currency platform.
Complete with step-by-step instructions, video presentations, demo software, brochures, manuals, guides, tools, processes, systems, scripts, agreements, client questionnaires, worksheets.
This toolkit contains the tools for getting businesses to come to you with the press of a button. This toolkit will help you attract the maximum amount of warm leads to ramp up your success quickly.
your risk is zero!
Your investment in the WTE platform is 100% protected by our 90 days, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee!

We’re so convinced you’ll absolutely love our easy-to-use WTE platform to multiply your income by 100X in 30 days by creating your private currency that we’re offering you a 90-day, risk-free money-back guarantee.

You have 90 days to use the WTE platform to multiply your income by 100X. You can also use it to make as much money as you wish. If, after 90 days, you can look us in the eye on paper and tell us that you didn’t make at least 100X your current income using the WTE or that you didn’t get at least 100 times your money’s worth (10,000% ROI), we will refund your investment in the WTE PLATFORM.

And, if for any reason or even no reason at all you want a full refund, you’ll get your money back immediately. NO questions asked and no hassles. Incidentally, we are devoted to working with satisfied customers. If you are not going to profit from the WTE PLATFORM, we would prefer to refund your setup fee. 

How Much Does
The WTE Platform Cost?
Not a cent…

…if you use it – because it’s going to make you a whole lot more than the investment required. In fact, I guarantee it!
To answer your question more directly, the ‘$1 trillion WTE platform’ requires an investment of just $$1M.

But as a special offer for investing today, we are offering it for the very low price of $25,000! This discounted rate is only valid until the 5th of March, 2021.

Just getting the capital for your busines venture that you wouldn’t get otherwise, probably pays back this entire investment.

Should we charge more?

Probably. We intend to. But for this week, you can have the WTE platform for the discounted rate of $25,000.

Every Day You Wait, 
Someone Else Is Growing Rich 
From Private Currencies!